Christmas days  are the most-loved holidays for all age groups, young and old. The corresponding sweet joys of the time before Christmas are still popular for children and even adults all around the world. The Christmas season however leaves a bitter-sweet taste for blind or partially sighted people – the traditional “opening the calendar doors” has been absented until now.

Jürgen Kampmann has noticed this circumstance, when he wanted to hand over little thank-you presents to the students of the Opticus-school for blind and partially sighted children in Bielefeld, in 2011. There has not been any company producing Braille calendars, which the children have wished for so much, yet. So the experienced tinkerer immediately started to work on the development of a terrific assembly method, to proverbial sweeten the joy of pre-Christmas in future.

Der Braille Adventskalender
The calender 2023

The calender 2022
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The calender 2019
The calender 2018
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Only one year later, the first Kampmann’s “Braille advent calendar” was released. 24 chambers with tenderest milk chocolate behind braille-labeled doors.  The numbers are well identifiable, so even partially sighted people could use their remaining visual function to spot the right doors. The themes are yearly changing Christmas images.
We offer you the first “brailleable” advent calendars, which bring the Christmas anticipation just a good deal closer to you, your kids or your friends. The perfect gift for blind and partially sighted people at a reasonable fair price.

“Because the humans and their quality of life matters, not the money.”
-Jürgen Kampmann, 2012

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